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Did you know?

The effect liquid metal opens up new possibilities for increasing the attractiveness of prints by metallizing selected fragments of the image (inscriptions, logos, graphics elements) without the use of complicated tools, as in traditional hot stamping. Gilding has never been so easy and yet it has not given so many possibilities. In addition to the visual effect of the metallization, liquid metal creates a relief-like relief on the surface without any visible traces of embossing on the back of the print. From now on, luxury is available to everyone.


The latest effect liquid metal is a selective, convex or flat metallization of the surface of the substrate, which is a very interesting alternative to traditional gilding (hot-stamping). In contrast to traditional processes , there is no embossing of the substrate and this effect leaves no marks on the back of the print. It is possible to obtain a protuberance up to 0.7 mm thick, which makes the effect even more attractive visually and tactile. Main applications for business cards, invitations, diplomas, packaging, greeting cards.


Basic colors:

  • gloss gold or matt gold
  • gloss silver or matt silver
  • holographic effect (shimmering rainbow colors depending on the viewing angle)
  • tool steel
    A wider range of other colors available on request - please contact our office.
         The effect of selective metallization of very precise lines and points with an additional effect 3D - including the possibility of creating raster and bar graphics.
         Precise control of the thickness of the "liquid metal" layer does not require pressing the substrate - the reverse of the sheet remains without a trace in contrast to the traditional hot-stamping.
         A wide range of substrates for use: papers from 150 g / m2, cartons and other e.g. plastics.


The latest liquid metal technology applied in our company allows us to obtain the highest quality effect of selective metallization of surfaces without the use of dies as in traditional hotstamping.
     Substrates for gilding liquid metal
The liquid metal effect can be used on paper substrates from 150g, coated and uncoated cardboard, plastics and many other atypical such as glass or metal plates.

Designer's tips

Tips for designers. How to design?
First of all, it should be remembered that it is generally not recommended to select selective elements thinner than 0.4 mm in positive and 0.6 mm in negative. The recommended minimum font size is 7 points. It is possible to gold-plated rasterized images - contact us for help in preparing non-standard works for printing.

Printer's tips

How to prepare?
     • min. the distance of the gilded image from the grippers is 10 mm (in special situations it can be reduced to 6 mm)
     • min. side and top margins: 5 mm
     • for gilded elements we have to prepare the so-called mask (otherwise diapositive or plate), in which gilded elements must have 100% filling. The mask should be prepared in a separate file or in the same file as the graphic design as an additional color. It is best to attach a file with a preview of gilded elements imposed on the project.

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